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The Benefits of Online Counseling

Online Therapy is an effective, convenient, and confidential way to integrate self-care and mental health support in your life. 

Online Counseling Resources

If you’re interested in online therapy and want to know more, Metamorphosis, LMSW P.C. highly recommends that you take the time to review what the American Psychological Association says. Current clients, if you have questions, please talk to your providers about the opportunities of online therapy and how they might help and benefit you.

Online Counseling: Is it right for you?

With an ever-increasing schedule, deadlines, and priorities, online therapy makes sense for many people. When life gets in the way, finding time to schedule something else in your life and squeeze in another hour just isn’t always possible. Online Counseling helps to close the physical distance and provides access to services that are otherwise out of reach.  Metamorphosis, LMSW P.C. provides quality online therapy services to those looking to make sense of their hectic lives.

Cheryl Mchunguzi

Everyone’s journey through therapy is an individual experience, which requires the integration of mind, body and soul. I have Master’s degree in Social work with a specialization in Health Administration from Stonybrook University. I am New York State licensed Socialworker Reiki Practitioner/Master Teacher, trained in Sound Therapy, with over 15years of combined experience providing an integrative approach to your care. This allows me to work collaboratively with you, the client, in the assessment, treatment and goal development throughout the entire therapeutic experience. Psycho-dynamic theories, cognitive behavior techniques and Mind/Body/ modalities are used in the assessment and treatment. 

I specialize in treating individuals and families in the following areas: Cultural Competency Counseling, Orange Method Radical Self-care, Depression & Anxiety, Trauma-Related Issues, Relationship & Interpersonal Issues, Women’s Issues, Bereavement Self-Defeating Patterns, Domestic Violence, Stress Reduction, Guided Meditation, Energy Healing through Reiki, Inner Child Release and Vision Boards.

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